a little about us

Late Mr. C. A. Emanuel who was then the chief photographer to H.E.the Nizam of the erstwhile Hyderabad State instituted Premier Studios in 1954.

Over a five-decade span, Premier Studios has made a mark for itself in the arena of Industrial and Advertising Photography, and in Photographic printing

The studio was first of its kind in the twin cities to introduce the concept of Black & White Blow-ups in the early 70’s during which time most of the Black & White Blow-ups were done in Mumbai. Premier Studios continues to have a well-diversified clientele - international agencies such as US-Aid, U.S.I.S. and CARE.

The quality of work processed by Premier Studios can be gauged from the vast exposure of works exhibited at various foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Great Britain and like-minded quality-conscious countries.

Today, Premier Studios is much sought after by clients and advertising agencies alike, for the vast spectrum of services offered under one roof. Industrial Photography, Table -Top photography, supply of exhibition kits and exhibits, recopy facilities, communication media for audio-visual presentation and allied professional inputs.

Lenny Emanuel, who was also the honorary secretary for Advertising & Industrial Photographers Association of India-South, and also a member of Photographers Guild of India, heads Premier Studios.

It is not out of place to mention the laurels won by Premier Studios, in its exposures at the ADEX-93, ADEX-1999, ADEX-2001, ADEX-2016 competitions to prove the quality and efficiency of the job at hand.

Edwin Emanuel, son of Lenny Emanuel, completed his Bachelor's in Photography and joined the business in 2010. He diversified the photography business into Advertising, Designing and Graffiti. He consults, teaches, and travels pan India working on commissioned projects for organisations, businesses, and advertising agencies.